Editorial and event shoot for the Enapter Co

An interesting, intensive and varied shoot with the Enapter Co, with a broard range of shooting environments and locations.

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The Enapter Co had been planning this event for quite sometime and logistically had staff and participants coming from all around the world. Enapter have developed a hydrogen energy system using solar panels and from talking to some of the staff (mind blowing science) we could easily feel the excitement in this product.

The Challenge

Our challenge was the varied locations and lighting conditions, as often happens not the most ideal lighting conditions but that’s editorial shooting. The excitement and pulse of all members was high and getting the most from each location and time was the paramount concern.

The event was broken into 2 main geographical locations, Pattaya and Bangkok Thailand. With a series of set parameters at each location, set-up, press conference, tour, Science lectures, VIP events and product etc.

Pattaya location


Ocean at Pattaya3 nights were spent at Pattaya with transit to the NNG conference center and garden done daily.

Here we shot some product, covered the press conference, key member images, staged work images, client and press interaction images and a garden tour.

The main location had terrible wall colors and lighting and correction was needed in all images shot at that location, Having to use ambient light resulted in high ISO and and appropriate corrections being made in post.

The resort we stayed at was about 20km out from Pattaya city and was situated on the beach. Group shots were taken here one evening.

Editorial and product shoot

Editorial and product shoot





Bangkok location


Night in Bangkok

On the 4thmorning the main body of the staff disassembled the equipment and we headed off to Bangkok.

For those that have not been to Bangkok, its a large busy Asian metropolis and the capital of Thailand.

The main features here were the SETA presentation, Science lectures and a VIP event in the evening. These with the exception of SETA were being held at the hotel we stayed at.


The SETA shoot had ok lighting especially on the stage area and some good looking editorial shots were captured here.

Editorial and product shoot
Stage at SETA

SETA Bangkok





International Press

International mainstream press representatives were on hand for the entire event and quick post jobs had to be done for a number of articles that were to appear in “Forbes”

VIP evening

The VIP evening included the Italian and German ambassador’s and other key members from Thailand and internationally. The main focus here was group interaction, the key members, and general group shots that included backgrounds where possible. The evening seemed to go very well.






Met some really nice people from all around the world and the Enapter staff seemed really excited and committed to the products they have and are developing.


Overall the whole event seemed to be a good success, good attendance, interaction and client and media highlighting.


the enapter system

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For more information on the incredible products from Enapter please refer to their website here