Commercial product shooting & client interaction
client interaction

Bags and coats. When a new client wishes to launch a website the very first issues are usually in reference to market, style and look that’s being targeted.

Commercial product photography blogSometimes the client may be un-aware of these specifics and other times as with “Metta Terra Design” featured here, they have already researched and have a pretty good idea of what there after.

For those dealing with a professional photographer for the first time there is usually little understanding of what it takes to create a good image. This is not unusual after all; hi-end images in magazines, shopping centres etc surround us. The difference between you and the casual photographer is thought to be that you just take better images. Not that you put a lot more work into the images, pay more attention to detail and use experience, knowledge and equipment gained over the years.

A little time with the client to explain these matters helps a lot in the initial stages of a working relationship. And a clear indication of the type of image wanted set so that plans can be made to create them in the most efficient way, is very important.

This initial time allows the photographer to work better and reduces unexpected extra costs for the client if there is a total change of look wanted half way through a contract (it does happen).

So it’s well worth the time at the onset to get this clear.

Doing the shots

Commercial product photography blog

On top of the standard studio equipment that will be used there are a host of other items that help a photographer capture better images. With bags and coats various lint removers, brushes and blowers save a lot of post time. A variety of hooks attached to matted fishing line, clamps,  and a colour checker for each lighting arrangement are big helps.

Commercial product photography blogCustom made items come in handy too depending the specific products, in this case, bags with stiff handles can usually be held up with a hook, some bags with very supple handles can often benefit from using a small sliver of flexible plastic held in place by the hook and giving the bag handle a more natural look. Flexible lengths of wire can be used to help open bags for internal  shots. Imagination helps here when working out a means to create a shot.



Commercial product photography blogWhat a photographer uses for stuffing bags varies, but more often than not I use un-printed packing paper. A lesson you don’t want to have to learn is the risk of using newspapers. Many newspapers have inks that can rub off. Light colored bag linings will not appreciate this and neither will the client if his bags come back with darker stains on the light lining. Don’t over stuff the bags, canvas or cloth bags should show shape but not perfection. The bag should look neat but realistic.


In part two of bags and coats

Purse image. On-white, product imagesPart 2  of bags and coats will cover the basics of higher end product processing, alignment, dealing with the shadow and presentation to client.

Thank you for reading and i hope you found it of interest.

Any questions can be posted and i will try to reply as soon as possible. Please understand i am a working professional photographer and it may not be the same day.