Art Photography

I’m not much into labelling art photography. To some degree I think that trying to label art can start to taint the concept of its creation. Forcing an emotion can lead to images that also come across as forced.

Art image of fish with umbrellaAs a simple man I try and keep my personnel images as pure as possible to what it is I feel (in the message sense, bringing that out in an image is more tricky).

More often than not a concept comes to me from a personnel reaction to a scene or subject. Time allowing, I explore those feeling, why I have them, just what is it that’s triggers them, do I have preconceived memories that are directing my feelings or are they pure and innocent.

I have to be honest here and admit my work encompasses both, the natural instincts and the learned ones. Understanding light and dark emotions is to me equally important in my art images, and I deliberately do not attempt to lean one way or the other on this matter.

Will you like any of my images below, does not really matter, but I would hope you get some feelings from them and hopefully they might correspond with the description of what I was feeling at each location and wanted to express.

(Please note; there is a loss of luminosity and tones with web converted images, they should truly be viewed as hi-quality prints))


Street art in Bangkok

Joyous statue;

While walking the streets in Bangkok Thailand (a street photographers paradise) I came across this statue, it was one of a group that showed a joyous scene. I wander around looking at faces, hands and poses, at the overall and the details, one (the image) struck me as encompassing the feel of the whole group and I wanted to capture the whole feeling while isolating it from the collection. With the image in my mind I planed the time for the shoot, captured it and it still gives me pleasure when I see it.



Longings, (the window).

This was very different from the above. Located in the very isolated Australian countryside of Queensland. In one of the many small country towns I came across this solitary abandoned 2-room wooden cabin. If I have the time I usually explore side roads in these remote towns, it was while doing this I first saw this building. There was something special about it, the way it was slowly collapsing, its location in an open field, it’s design. Finding the landowner, I was  informed it was once the local school (before the landowners time), and got permission to shoot the site.

I took a series of shots of this old school but it was on entering that I was un-expectantly hit with a very strong draw (the building was completely empty). Sitting in the room for a while, the room where this picture was taken; I could feel the life and noise that once filled it, how much this old building had influenced lives and more than anything else I felt the longing gazes that must have been cast out this single window. That was the shot, I didn’t want it sharp or crisp, I wanted it to feel like it did.


Last journey

Last journey

This image has preconceived attachment. I knew that while looking at the area, it was a place for the dead to take the final passage as a human form. While not one of the emotional inputs we would wantonly wish, the door in this image really stood out, the burn stains, the tracks, the cracks in the wall, the bit of garbage, it signified the passage without the need of anything else. This has become one of my most powerful images; it captures and intrigues the viewer with strong emotional impact and for some captivates.


Girl in the dark

Girl in the dark

This image (much more impacting in true size) has for me many messages, fear, bravery, curiosity, solitude, innocence or wisdom. Does she go forth or run back. The many layers of this image are in part due to the unrecognizable and unfamiliar surroundings. Mixed responses from this image, some find it intriguing and others find it disturbing and a little fearful.


Ocean rape. Art image

Ocean rape.

Violence, raw and random. The meaning behind this image is discomfort, simple pure guilt. I wanted to express this in a simplistic but disturbing way. With limited visual subject impact I strove to place the viewer more toward the emotional aspects of what I wanted to portray. Reviewers have noted a discomforting draw to this image, difficult to view but also compelling.


broken window


This was one of my early art images. Once again I found myself in an abandoned building. The windows caught my eye, they were old and stained, cracked and pitted. As is usual for me I was at the area just before first light. The contrast between the first rays of the sun and the state of the world in which this window dwelled struck m., Which was over-powering which, in this case, at this time the window was without doubt the dominating influence.  But it wouldn’t be for long. Capturing this was the concept with this image.


I hope you have enjoyed this very short and simple insight into some of my art images.  And that you found the thinking around the images interesting. I am a working photographer but if you have any questions I will reply but maybe not directly.

Thank you for your interest.