Photographer Thailand
Large 3m (10ft) X 3.7m (12ft) X 5.5m (19ft) studio infinity wall
Commercial photography

About Audentia Photography is a professional commercial photography studio located in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Fully equipped commercial studio with 120m² (1.850ft²) of area, Infinity wall, 4 foot 360º automated turn table, stand alone 360º turn stand and all the extras to be expected in a commercial studio.

With many years of experience and a dedication to our work Audentia has built a reputation for delivering high quality images at an affordable price

Specialising in commercial images, glamour, fashion and product. Our client base is mainly international and ranges from furnishings, home decor, apparel, catalog, cosmetic and advertising.

International client base

In todays world, international commissions are easier than ever. Allowing our clients to get the images they need at a fraction of the cost locally. Conference calls and instant communications are a regular occurrence with our clients, making sure your getting the images you want.

Commercial photography / photographer in ThailandModels available

We also have our own model database. Asian and western models that are available at very reasonable rates.  Our “Models” page contains some of our models, there measurements and the level of experience. There is also a seamstress and makeup artist (includes airbrush techniques if required) on hand.

You can see, we really have all thats needed to get the shots and images you want.

We look forward to working with you.


David Davenport, Audentia Photography